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NICU Parent Packet

If you have just had a baby or babies admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), you are probably experiencing many different emotions. You may be feeling hope, fear, surprise, joy, anger and guilt - all at the same time. Some parents describe it as riding the biggest, wildest roller coaster ever made.

This NICU Parent Packet** contains information which may be helpful. Some of the information provided discusses programs which may be available to your baby through California’s Early Start Program. Some NICU graduates qualify for these services because they are “at risk” for developmental delays. This does not necessarily mean that your child will have special needs later in life, but that you can use these services to assist with your baby’s development, if you wish.

Topics included are:
- Suggestions for helping to make your baby’s “world” special.
- Common reactions of parents whose baby needs intensive care.
- Breastfeeding when your baby is premature.
- Tips for helping siblings cope
(includes a coloring book).
- Making the most of your nursery visits!
- Patterns for Preemie gowns.
- Glossary of NICU terms
- Links for Parent Support Online

A complete NICU Parent Packet is available in English and Spanish at no cost. To request this information, call (800) 974-5553.

**Information in the NICU Parent Packet furnished by Special Care Parents of Citrus Heights, CA.